5.11mi cross country on 4/7/13





151084 ft

Begins in:
East Hampton, NY, United States
Created By:
StevenP67 Best Time: 39:29
This is a 5.11 mi Run in East Hampton, NY, United States. The Run has a total ascent of 151084.77 ft and has a maximum elevation of 62.17 ft. This route was created by StevenP67 on 04/07/2013. View other Runs that StevenP67 has done or find similar maps in Northwest Harbor.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/3.05 mi 2.99 mi 26 ft/165 ft 0.9%
Cat hc 7.15 mi/10.76 mi 3.61 mi -17,957 ft/-845 ft 89.8%
Cat hc 12.32 mi/15.36 mi 3.05 mi -7,486 ft/-1,075 ft 39.8%
Cat hc 19.47 mi/21.15 mi 1.68 mi -20,650 ft/-13,287 ft 83.0%
Cat hc 30.73 mi/32.03 mi 1.31 mi -55,264 ft/-50,293 ft 72.1%
Cat False 34.71 mi/43.17 mi 8.46 mi -61,269 ft/-18,520 ft 95.7%
Cat False 53.74 mi/68.36 mi 14.62 mi -72,150 ft/188 ft 93.7%

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