Bighorn Trail 100 Course





16794 ft

Begins in:
Parkman, WY, United States
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Bighorn Trail 100: ALL DISTANCE IS ESTIMATED! The Start is in Tongue River Canyon 4 miles from Dayton. The Course is an out and back; with the turn around point at Jaws Trailhead. The Finish is in Scott Park in Dayton. All Aid Station distances are estimated. The total mileage including the 4 miles on Tongue River Road into Dayton is 100M. Click on each green arrow marker to see the details of that location. Change the map options to terrain or topo to see the detailed format of the map. The notes include all aid stations mileage an cutoff times and whether drop bags and crew are allowed. Course Description:
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Creek Surroundings For Workout Gravel Surface Lake Surroundings Mountains Surroundings River Surroundings Rural Area Scenic Surroundings Steep Contour Trail Surface Very Hard Difficulty Very Rough Terrain


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 1 0.06 mi/7.71 mi 7.65 mi 4,113 ft/7,412 ft 8.2%
Cat 4 8.77 mi/11.82 mi 3.05 mi 7,295 ft/7,800 ft 3.1%
Cat 5 19.35 mi/20.47 mi 1.12 mi 6,679 ft/6,818 ft 2.4%
Cat 5 23.20 mi/24.51 mi 1.31 mi 6,674 ft/6,920 ft 3.6%
Cat hc 29.61 mi/43.92 mi 14.31 mi 4,818 ft/9,292 ft 5.9%
Cat 5 45.23 mi/46.22 mi 1.00 mi 9,013 ft/9,118 ft 2.0%
Cat 4 48.27 mi/52.63 mi 4.35 mi 8,874 ft/9,292 ft 1.8%
Cat 1 67.00 mi/72.04 mi 5.04 mi 4,818 ft/6,920 ft 7.9%
Cat 5 73.41 mi/76.14 mi 2.74 mi 6,673 ft/6,817 ft 1.0%
Cat 5 77.20 mi/78.45 mi 1.24 mi 6,678 ft/6,842 ft 2.5%
Cat 2 79.57 mi/84.79 mi 5.23 mi 6,734 ft/7,800 ft 3.9%
Cat 5 87.84 mi/88.90 mi 1.06 mi 7,296 ft/7,410 ft 2.0%

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