Oriental Parade Out and Back (8Ks)





310351 ft

Begins in:
Wellington, New Zealand
Created By:
chanskynz Best Time: 43:09
This is a 5.04 mi Run in Wellington, New Zealand. The Run has a total ascent of 310351.58 ft and has a maximum elevation of 137.37 ft. This route was created by chanskynz on 02/03/2010. View other Runs that chanskynz has done or find similar maps in Wellington.
Run / Jog


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 7.52 mi/15.24 mi 7.71 mi -37,371 ft/241 ft 92.4%
Cat hc 17.54 mi/19.78 mi 2.24 mi -8,993 ft/222 ft 78.0%
Cat False 34.95 mi/49.75 mi 14.80 mi -77,145 ft/-934 ft 97.5%
Cat False 59.89 mi/70.09 mi 10.20 mi -52,632 ft/-930 ft 96.0%
Cat False 85.57 mi/101.49 mi 15.92 mi -81,004 ft/251 ft 96.7%
Cat hc 104.23 mi/107.02 mi 2.80 mi -11,562 ft/204 ft 79.6%
Cat False 115.61 mi/124.06 mi 8.46 mi -42,509 ft/77 ft 95.4%

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