Dearest runner,

As a member of the Brooks Run Happy Group, you've crushed goals, taken it easy, grown strong, and kicked butt-and we have loved being there for every step. Together, group members from around the nation have logged tens of thousands of miles.

Alas, we have reached at a point in the race when we must leave you to make a Porta Potty pit stop, and likely will see you at the finish. As of January 16, 2014, the Run Happy Group will disband, but you can look forward to continuing the race with your local running group leads.

It was an absolute pleasure pounding the pavement with you, and we hope you'll continue to Rate Your Run with Brooks. And not to sound totally mom-ish but please keep in touch! We're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Wishing you negative splits and many Run Happy turns.

Xo, Brooks

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