Babb Run#2





9 ft

Begins in:
Cuyahoga Falls, OH, United States
Created By:
Brian Miner
Runs through residential streets until you reach Babb Run Park. In the park, follow trail down to river and run along river. I lost track of the trail at the high bridge. At some point I would think this trail might somehow connect to the metroparks trail on the east side of the bridge, but I couldn't locate it. I'm also looking for a way to get across the river because that is a metro park over there as well. Oh yea, one more thing, Babb Run is still open but due to erosion issues the main road, they have closed all of this off to vehicular traffic. Because we americans can't go anywhere without the car, this place is a ghost town which makes it a little weird running down there by yourself. If you're a female, probably best to run with someone down there. I think its totally safe but these days you can never be too careful.
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