Valley View Hill Circuit





489 ft

Begins in:
Utica, NY, United States
Created By:
gerardj Best Time: 59:34
For now, a longer run (for me) but soon to be medium-length. I run this circuit clockwise and counterclockwise. When counterclockwise, the end of the run is almost entirely uphill. My time doesn&#039;t change regardless of direction. <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> CW <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 11/17/06 - 1hr;1min;55sec (10:35min/mi; 5.67mi/hr; 838cal; 120-165bpm) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 10/09/06 - time 1hr;5min;50sec (11:15min/mi; 5.33mi/hr; 902cal; 130-169bpm) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 10/02/06 - time 1hr;5min;29sec (11:12min/mi; 5.36mi/hr; 897cal 130-160bpm <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 9/22/06 - time 1hr;4min;42sec (11:04min/mi; 5.43mi/hr; 886cal; 145-160bpm) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 8/27/06 - time 1hr;2min;7sec (10:37min/mi; 5.65mi/hr; 851cal; 130-165bpm) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> CCW <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 1/27/07 - time 1hr;11min;52sec (12:17min/mi; 4.88mi/hr; 626cal; 109-162bpm) very slick, slushy &quot;ice elevator shoes&quot; and slippery <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 1/11/07 - time 1h;8min;16sec (11:40min/mi; 5.14mi/hr; 823cal; 119-165bpm) slushy ankle-weight conditions, very slick <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 12/10/06 - time 1h;1min;40sec (10:32min/mi; 5.69mi/hr; 831cal; 115-165bpm) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 11/27/06 - time 1h;2min;14sec (10:38min/mi; 5.64mi/hr; 839cal; 115-165bpm) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 11/9/06 - time 1h;2min;24sec (11:01min/mi; 5.45mi/hr; 882cal; 120-160bpm) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 10/18/06 - time 1h;6min;8sec (11:18min/mi; 5.31mi/hr; 897cal; 110-165bpm) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 9/18/06 - time 1h;7min;0sec (11:27min/mi; 5.24mi/hr; 918 cal; bpm 145-165) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 8/23/06 - time 1hr;5min;5sec (11:08min/mi; 5.39mi/hr; 892 cal; BPM 125-169) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> CCW <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 7/18/06 - time 1hr:9min:11sec (11:50min/mi; 5.07mi/hr; 853 cal burn; BPM 140-165) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> CW <br> &lt;br&gt; <br> 7/30/06 - time 1hr:8min (11:37min/mi; 5.16mi/hr; 838 cal burn; BPM 130-160) <br> &lt;br&gt; <br>
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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 4 4.34 mi/5.85 mi 1.51 mi 585 ft/1011 ft 5.3%

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